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Ballerina Furniture Design

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The piece of furniture that I created is for ballet enthusiasts, it is a high top meant to look like a ballet pointe shoe ribbon elegantly wrapped attached to the base and the top. Each individual piece would be handcrafted. The top surface of the high top would be made out of a Hazelnut wood; smoothed and shined in a slight oval shape. The base of the high top would be made out of a similar cut with the same Hazelnut wood just in a smaller form. This Hazelnut wood is retrieved from the beautiful Oregon Mountains from a natural tree farm. The “ribbon” will be made out of a thick aluminum welded and bent to this form with a pink patina applied to the metal to make it look like a ribbon. This piece of furniture would be placed in a dance studio or maybe a theatre where it is common to have ballets held.

I decided to do this piece of furniture after originally drawing the ballerina and I wanted to create a piece of furniture that not only physically supported the ballerina but a piece that the ballerina would enjoy. After I decided that I needed to make a high top to support the ballerina while being tall enough for the ballerina to hold onto by hand while standing or on pointe. I moved on to trying to make this high top different then a general one that you would see in a restaurant. I went through many different swirls and curls of ribbon to find one that would not only be structurally sound but provide an elegant feel to this piece of furniture. I decided on a metal piece as the base after watching my stepdad weld a stool base for a client. As a welder, when I asked he said that aluminum would support the wood top I preferred and would be able to apply a pink color and little lines in the metal to have the effect of a soft ribbon.

The ballerina is supported by the high top by her weight supported through her hand. She is stretching as most ballerinas would with her left leg held up by her arm. I figured, as a background story, the ballerina was getting ready for a performance stretching while using the high top as a support while speaking to a friend and/or fellow dancer. The ballerina I thought of positioning into a different form to maybe be sitting in a ribbon chair but I liked the elegance and gorgeous positioning of a ballerina’s long legs stretching. I did the ballerina and the high top middle in pink to add a sense of union and connect the base as a piece of ribbon and not just a pink swirl.

This piece of furniture although purely a figment of my imagination, I think would be a beautiful addition to any ballet enthusiasts home and/or ballerina’s dance studio. This is an elegant portrayal of the beauty of ballet itself.


Personal Symbol


This is my personal symbol that I decided to use, originally it was a drawing for a tattoo that I wanted. I chose this one after redrawing it to fully represent me. The bird represents my love for freedom to “flow with the wind” in life. The feather shows my adoration for many different things and places, and my calm and gentle personality. As I am a soft person I can be wild, hyper, and crazy, this is where the wolf shows through. The wolf is also shown because it is my native american symbol. I have decided in addition to this post, I will post a vector image of this design. Tell me what you think.